SSS Case Study | SSS SharePoint Support Services

Do you need a SharePoint consulting company whose specialists have handled and managed projects similar to yours? SSS supports our clients and offers strong solutions that are fast, secure, flexible, and easy to operate and upgrade. Our SharePoint support practices assist clients in all their needs. Our offers have been finely tuned over time and through successful project engagement.

Multivendor Environment Support

Sometimes after installing a SharePoint system from an outside System Integrator company, organizations may need to procure and install various add-on packages. SSS’s professional team can maintain and manage these add-on packages in an efficient, no non-sense manner.

System Environment Customization

Sometimes, the customizations done by System Integrator companies are far too complicated. In these cases, the cost of maintaining the SharePoint system can quickly add up. Clients can transfer all portal designs to SSS, so we may then simplify these complicated customizations to reduce the cost of system maintenance.

Add-On Support

Many organizations often have trouble operating needlessly complicated foreign or domestic SharePoint add-on products. SSS understands the importance of clearness and accessibility for the best management of add-on products. Based on our experience and data analysis, we have developed and offer various practices to efficiently manage and simplify the use of add-on products for the benefit of our clients.

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