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Sonorite Co. LTD is a highly experienced, professional SharePoint services company in Tokyo, Japan. Our SharePoint consultancy company, SharePoint Support Services (SSS) offers specialized support services in SharePoint development, security and consulting. Utilizing a secure store service database, SSS provides solutions to both sophisticated and beginner users of SharePoint.

*(“Gold Collaboration and Content” Microsoft Corporation officially-licensed partner)

SSS Promise Satisfaction Declaration

SSS offers a wide variety of IT services on Microsoft technology focusing on SharePoint. Many IT companies tend to offer only simple services such as troubleshooting or operation maintenance management. However, we offer these and other services with a high level of hospitality and have received much positive feedbacks from our clients for this. In achieving our slogan “SharePoint Client Services Promise Satisfaction” and fulfilling clients’ needs, we follow the three main points outlined below.

*(“Gold Collaboration and Content” Microsoft Corporation officially-licensed partner)

1. The Pursuit of Hospitality

SSS believes that hospitality is one of the most important aspects to meet our clients' needs and wants. We always pursue the quality of hospitality and support our clients by listening their requests.

2. Placing the Clients First

We actively communicate with our clients through regular meetings and frequent contact. We are committed to a “Placing the Clients First” policy to solve our clients' problems.

3. End-users Supports

We offer end-users’ support menu. If you have any troubles or questions about SharePoint, we would be more than pleased to address and answer them, whether the question comes from an experienced or beginner-level SharePoint user.

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