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Sonorite Co.,LTD’s Sonorite SharePoint Support Services (SSS) offers helpful maintenance services for SharePoint system administrators to solve various SharePoint related problems. By solving a wide range of SharePoint issues, we're able to offer a strong solution for foreign-affiliated companies and companies that consider advancing into Japanese market.

SSS delivers 5 High-quality of Services

1. Specialized in SharePoint

SSS pursues work with engaged clients building helpful business tools that solve real business problems. As a professional and experienced SharePoint consulting company, we will solve all of your SharePoint problems.

2. Focus on Hospitality

In order to meet our clients' needs, SSS provides the best possible services to our clients at all times. We frequently contact with our clients to assure that we have helped our clients navigate the complexities of deployment and migration, transform data into knowledge, improve operational decision-making and collaborate more effectively.

3. Globalization

SharePoint is one of the greatest business tools to work internationally. SSS supports both local and global companies that considering about the advance into Japanese market or overseas. SSS can help our clients maximize the potential of its resources – its people, data, and technologies.

4. Various Package Menu

Based on highly experienced skills, we assemble various packages to meet our clients’ needs. SSS offers Basic Plan, Operation System Maintenance Plan, Customization & Development Plan, SharePoint Consulting Plan, Enterprise Plan and Customizng Plan. For further details, please visit SSS Plan.

5. Cost Performance

We know every business wants to minimize its budget while maximizing it resources. Because SSS focuses on specializing in SharePoint support services, our company and SharePoint experts can offer high-quality services with decent price.

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